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FORTE nebo PIANO? - book/CD

Jakub Zahradník's book about historical pianos with 2CD containing 30 songs performed by Jakub on fifteen of these spectacular instruments.

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Poet Keith Armstrong in Prague back again!

Thursday 3. 6. 2010 - 10 PM - The Globe Bookstore, Pštrossova 6, Prague 1

Friday 4. 6. 2010 - 8 PM - Klub Séparée, Betlémské náměstí 10, Prague 1

Keith Armstrong, a well known poet from north-eastern English Newcastle, is not performing in Prague for the first time. His somewhat rebellious poetry is inspired by his hometown, which spreads itself where the river Tyne runs into sea. It is full of memories of his father, who worked in a local shipyard, and it is influenced by a nostalgic ambience of mariners’ pubs and industrial harbour corners. But at the same time his poetry doesn’t recalcitrates ticklish or controversial topics (Falklands, politics), reflects on long-time poets, erotic verses or profession to local football legends. Keith is also a poet-traveller. He periodically visits university at Tübingen, Holland and other countries and his ways lead him also to more exotic corners like Cuba or The Soviet Union. In his home town Keith also functions as an organizer of poetic events. He is wreathed by a title Honoris Causa Doctor of Durham University. His poetry is communicatory and his interpretation is easy to understand. The texts in a written form will be also at your disposal.

In the second half of the evening Keith’s friend Jakub Zahradník will play a cycle of songs called "The Melly-Belly Songs" where he especially for this occasion set Keith’s poems to music. Jakub repeatedly visited Newcastle, Durham and coastal district of Northumberland, which is bordering to Scotland and is full of romantic remains. He had an opportunity to perform there, meet local poets and taste all brands of ales. In a song cycle called Five Sea Songs he set to music poems of Northumbrian poetess Katrina Porteous and together with a filmmaker Oliver Malina Morgernstern he created a documentary about his journey called Inspiration Quest, which could be seen on YouTube.

A song “Tam, kde studený je pramen” (There where the Cold Spring is) scored
4th most often played song on Radio Proglas in last year is the song “Tam, kde studený je pramen” (There where the Cold Spring is) written by Jakub Zahradník. It is sang by Lenka Molová and played apart from the author also by Charlie Slavík and Robert Fischmann. A list of most often played songs could be found here.

With Rhyme and Reason continues
Fans of Zahradník’s music, which genre oscillates among folk, jazz, chanson and classical music, will be pleased to know that his concert program With Rhyme and Reason will continue also this year in the following set-up: Lenka Molová (led vocal, guitar), Robert Fischmann (flutes, percussion) and Charlie Slavík (mouth organ). List of concerts will start appearing on this website in February and March.

Zahradník solo
Following last year’s success with piano recitals in Bethlehem Chapel and Smetana museum in Prague, where he played his own version of Smetana and later also of Dvořák, Jakub Zahradník decided to create official solo concert program, which will be inspired by a music of many centuries mingling with his own music. Jakub will in this piano recital introduce himself also as a flautist and singer playing into his pre-recorded half-playbacks. Michal Uhlíř cooperates on a sound form of the concert.

A CD-book about historical pianos
A noteworthy CD with an extensive booklet capturing 15 historical pianos should be published soon. The recording took place in Prague Academy of Performing Arts at the occasion of exhibition called Pianos Known and Unknown, which was arranged by famous pianomakers family of Rendl. Jakub Zahradník recorded in two evenings three hours of music – he played on virginal, clavichord, hammer piano, Wiener piano, table piano and others. Together with music journalist Radmila Hrdinová he has chosen the best of those compositions for the CD. Afterwards Jakub attached a witty treatise about pianos. The publication including more than 60 photographs from Martin J. Polák should be published by Radioservis.

Keith Armstrong in Prague
Keith Armstrong, a prominent English poet from Newcastle, will visit Prague from 3rd to 6th June 2010. At the occasion of his visit and joint performance Jakub Zahradník announced premiere of a new cycle of songs based on Armstrong’s poems. We will let you know the details about this event as soon as we know it.

A mass “Smíření / Versöhnung” - Rapprochement
Among Jakub Zahradník’s plans for this year there is also an intention to compose a Latin mass with Czech and German entries. Its premiere should take place at already third fair in Pohorská ves in Novohradské hory at the end of September. It will also be played in Cheb on the last Advent Sunday, which is 19th December 2010. The theme of rapprochement is essential for our world and also the only one possible. It resonates even more in Czech borderland, where different cultures clash historically. However it is sometimes a long way from an idea to its realization, so let us hope that the author will manage to bring it to a successful conclusion. A compilation of texts, in other words a sort of scenario is being prepared for Jakub by Michael Pospíšil, who engages himself with a group Ritornello mainly in an old and baroque music.

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