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  Jakub Zahradník


For many years Jakub was involved in numerous bands, musicals, cultural events and magazines, often as the leader and founder. However, in the year 2000 he finally found his own voice in music and gradually left all his former activities in favour of his own songwriting and a distinctive piano-improvisation style.

Since the year 2000 Jakub’s songs and lyrics were written almost exclusively for the singer Pavla Kapitánová, with whom he had also performed on many occasions on European stages. This collaboration was cut short by Pavla’s tragic demise in the summer of 2007.

Jakub is currently writing more new songs and compositions for the piano and embarking on a solo career.

There are many dreams that come true, once you've got the sound of your voice to bring out what is in your heart and soul. This alone means a lot." That´s what Jakub says.

Born on March 5, 1964, in Prague, then Czechoslovakia, Europe, into an artistic family: his father Václav Zahradník (1942-2001) was a well-known big band orchestra conductor and jazz composer, his mother Jaroslava Kubištová is a fairy-tale writer.
Having graduated from the Prague Conservatory with a Master's Degree in composition (1986), Jakub became involved in various bands and projects, often as the leader.
Starting with music, his efforts gradually evolved to include poetry, dramaturgy and musical theatre. In recent years he devotes himself more and more to his solo music career.

Jakub’s Achievements in Music and Musical Theatre:

2008, Listen..., 2CD piano solo album

2003-7, "A Life Alone" blues/chanson concert programme with Pavla Kapitánová – touring the Czech Republic, Germany and Spain

since 2002 solo piano performances in the Czech Republic, Germany and England

2001-3, head of the Czech Musical Server

2000-1, Starci na chmelu, the most classic Czech musical, Český Těšín/Prague [co-arranger and musical director]

2000, Daryl Green, rock band [keyboarder]

1999-2000, Professor of Interpretation of musical genres at the Prague Conservatory

1998-9, Pump Boys and Dinettes, musical, Prague, [producer, pianist, musical director]

1997-8, Nunsense, musical, Prague, [pianist, musical director]

1994-7, Jesus Christ Superstar, musical, Prague, [pianist], played in over 700 shows of the nearly 1300-run, recorded the cast album

1993, Pippin, musical, Prague, [pianist, musical director]

1990-2, Monroe, cover band, Ansbach / Germany [keyboard player]

1987-9, Czechoslovak Television Orchestra (Big Band), Prague [keyboarder, PPG-synthesizer programmer, arranger], daily studio sessions, concert tours, broadcasts etc.

1986-7, Balet, pop-group, Czechoslovakia [keyboard player], over 200 concerts throughout the country, the group reached Czechoslovak No. 2 Hit of the Year with "Hej pane diskžokej"

1980-6 majored in composition at the Prague Conservatory, wrote series of student compositions, won school contests, his graduation composition from 1986 was called “The Albatross and a Runner”, suite for chamber orchestra, at the same time worked as accompanist, composed incidental music and big band arrangements, regularly performed at sessions

attempts at composition from the age of seven, founded his first group in 1979

Jakub’s Achievements in Poetry and Dramaturgy:

2007, "Zpěv rozpáleného kamene" /The Song of a Hot Stone/ published by Protis

2005, wrote three theatre plays (of which two are also musical books) "The Golem", "UFO Musical", "Gerojši"

2005-6, Prague 5 Children’s Choirs’ Contest organised by Jakub’s production company

since 2004 annually organises the Original Chanson Festival

2004, a book of lyric verse "Ztepilé viržínko" /A Graceful Cheroot/, published by Protis

2002-5, programmes manager for the Obratník Poetry Café in Prague (organised a total of 433 shows), the café also became the venue of his own cabaret show series "Ubrousek básníků" /The Poets’ Napkin/, broadcasted by the Czech Radio 2, and a series of "Musical Showcases"

1996, initiator, editor, co-author of the contemporary poetry almanac "Přetržená nit" /Broken Theme/ published by Obratník

1994-6, founder and editor-in-chief of the Obratník Poetry Revue, 20 editions published (the Obratník endowment organised a series of competitions for young poets, the winners of which have since become renowned authors), in the same period published numerous articles on music and poetry in several magazines

1993, collection of poems "Zavři oči a sni" /Close Your Eyes and Dream/, published by Obratník

1985, founder and leader of the Obratník poetry recitation group, whose activities were halted before the first production, being deemed “ideologically unacceptable” by the authorities, poetry of Czeslaw Miłosz in the programme, 1985

organised two summer festivals Županovice in 1982 and Skryje 1983, the second for approximately 150 participants (these events were secret, with pending persecution from the communist regime)

founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine Dolmen, 1982, which later became an acknowledged underground magazine

founded his first magazine, published 4 volumes, 1981

since 1978 wrote hundreds of poems, some of which were included in his first book (1993), the rest having been thrown away

organised his first public event at the age of 10, at the age of 11 his short story was first featured in a newspaper

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