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  Jakub Zahradník



Jakub Zahradník Piano Romances and Meditations

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Dieter Klink wrote about this double CD:
Music like a new day... reality born out of a dream, tranquilly gathering its strength and often merely hinting at what it could do, should it wish to. You will catch a glimpse of the pianist smiling at the notion. Jakub Zahradnik smiles often. Above all, however, it is his hands that are smiling. Where we would be searching for words, they are simply finding music. This music is new in its each and every tone – new in the word’s most positive connotations. Far from being the product of a mixing desk, here the very birth of music is revealed: here it is ever-present; all you have to do is find it. And seldom does a man get closer to it than here. This is an experience that should not be missed live. Both these CDs excite the desire to hear more from Jakub Zahradník, and not just among lovers of silent tones. The demand is increasing. I wish to this pianist packed auditoria.


Romance No.1 (C major – Prague) - Romance No.2 (D minor) - Romance No.3 (Bb major – Nuremberg) - Interlude One - Romance No.4 (Eb major) - Romance No.5 (F major) - Prelude (On The Way) - Romance No.6 (Ab major) - Interlude Two – Valse – Contemplation - Back Home - Inner Talk - Easy Ending


Meditation No.1 - No.7

all music composed and performed by Jakub Zahradník © 2007

CD 1 recorded on PETROF Mistral I grandpiano at Svárov Studio in December 2007, engineered by Lukáš Martínek, except tracks 04,07,10,11,13 recorded on BOHEMIA PIANO 185-Janáček at ČNSO Studios, Room Two - „Blue Velvet“ in November 2007, engineered by Stanislav Baroch

CD 2 recorded on STEINWAY & SONS Model D grandpiano in the City of Prague Music School hall in April 2007, engineered by Petr Košař

mastering Boris Carloff © 2008, photography – Michal Škvor © 2008, graphic design – Trixi © 2008, sleeve note Dieter Klink © 2008, produced by Jakub Zahradník © 2008



Pouť přes vyhnanství / Exile Street
Pavla Kapitánová & Jakub Zahradník

available from Bontonland

includes songs: Za všech časů láska - Hřeby a růže - Pouť přes vyhnanství / Exile Street - Do nového dne - Poselství Stephana Wundrehorna - Kraví katedrála v polích - Oči kolouščí - Alchymie života - Sad v bílém světle

all songs written by Jakub Zahradník

vocals – Pavla Kapitánová
piano – Jakub Zahradník
double-bass – Ondřej Štajnochr (2)
drums, percussions – David Landštof (2)

recorded live by the Czech Radio except the song No.1 recorded at the RePrague studio
sound engineer – Martin Ledvina
mastering – Boris Carloff
graphic design – Trixi
photography – Katarína Frömel and Martin J. Polák
produced by Jakub Zahradník
released by Producentské centrum Františka Rychtaříka, Prague, October 2007

Eva Střížovská wrote:

This unique recording has stemmed from the collaboration of two outstanding personalities – poet and musician Jakub Zahradník and singer Pavla Kapitánová. Unfortunately, it is also the duo’s last recording, because in the summer (22nd July 2007) Pavla Kapitánová died in a car accident. She was a singer from the family of Mahalie Jackson, Eva Olmerová or Janis Joplin – artists, whose voice and expression emanated an entire armful of feeling, temperament and sincerity. And yet, at the same time, she was also different, original. She possessed the gift of a great and vibrant voice, which was perfectly suited for rock bands, with which she had actually also sung. Even though she could have probably gone on to make a big career in pop-music, she was not interested. She also successfully performed in musicals, including Jesus Christ Superstar, Rusalka-Muzikál, Joan of Arc and others.

Their affinity with Jakub Zahradník was probably based on a certain spiritual understanding as far as life’s values were concerned and perhaps also, as can be ascertained from their songs, a certain sadness or fear of today’s aggressive world, which they succeed in originally reflecting (without a trace of resignation). Having said that, this was still an encounter of two very different temperaments. A poet, whose verse is somewhat unusual for song lyrics (,,I welcome the eyes of the multitude” in the song A New Day, ,,it’s somewhere far out in the fields / there’s many a head / ...waiting to be met” in The Cow Cathedral in the Fields, etc.). No superficial verse mongering, but rather fragments from everyday human lives, characterised by an original, almost bleak approach, but at the same time a pianist whose playing is melancholically kind and smooth. He preludes, plays the blues, ballads, toys with triplets and other fineries, totally submerged in his music. Standing beside him is a singer with the most resonant voice, expressive, complete with cries and urgency. Nonetheless, she also knows how to handle her voice, how to make it silent, gentle, she knows how to just talk and he, on the other hand, can add intensity where it is needed. No doubt it was their differences that made it possible for them to complement one another artistically.

A part of the reason why I enjoy the present recording, as well as the duo’s songs that had been published earlier (CD Život sám/A life Alone, 2001, CD/book The Alchemy of Life, 2004, Jakub’s book of poetry Ztepilé viržínko/A Graceful Cheroot, 2004) so much is that they defy all musical categorisation. Perhaps chanson blues? And what if I dare to suggest that it is so original, so unmistakable, because it is unlike anything else? When you hear this recording for the first time, maybe the songs will sound a little monolithic to you. But upon a second, third and all successive listenings you will be finding in them gems of everyday poetry, as well as delicacies of music and singing, meanders, peaks and plains... A great pity indeed that these two cannot continue in their collaboration. Plans had already been made for new songs, concerts and another CD. In May 2007 František Rychtařík’s Producentské centrum launched a pilot single recording entitled Twice about Love, which suggests that the instrumental part of the project was to expand into a jazz trio, with the piano at the lead, complemented by other instruments and voices. A shift had also taken place in Pavla’s interpretation, as can be heard in the first song on this CD, which is a studio recording from the above-mentioned single, recorded live. All the other songs come from a Czech Radio’s recording of the performance at the Original Chanson Festival in autumn 2004.

Dvakrát o lásce / Twice About Love    SAMPLES
Single CD, available from

1) Povídej (radio version) – Petr Novák / Ivo Plicka, arr. Jakub Zahradník
2) Za všech časů láska – Jakub Zahradník
3) Povídej (long version) – Petr Novák / Ivo Plicka, arr. Jakub Zahradník

vocals – Pavla Kapitánová
piano, synthesizers – Jakub Zahradník
saxophone – Jan Karez (1,3)
double-bass – Ondřej Štajnochr (2)
drums, percussions – David Landštof (2)
choir – Ilona Vozničková, Jana Foitová, Milan Fiala, Petr Urbánek, Jiří Urbánek, Michal Cerman (1,3)

recorded at the RePrague studio sound engineer – Martin Ledvina
mastering – Boris Carloff
graphic design – Trixi
photography – Lenka Chanová and Tomáš Bouček
produced by Jakub Zahradník
released by Producentské centrum Františka Rychtaříka, Prague, May 2007

Zpěv rozpáleného kamene / The Song of a Hot Stone    SAMPLES

The book looks back at Jakub’s writing between 1985 and the present. It contains long poems and lyric epopees, poems in prose and two essential poetry cycles from recent years. It draws its inspiration from mysticism and mysterious places of Southern Bohemia, and contains deep reflections of the feeling of individual lack of freedom experienced in the Socialist era.
Besides the normal edition, 77 numbered copies were also published, each with a stone incorporated into the book by the sculptor Vladimír Moutelík.
The book comes complete with a CD featuring the author’s piano improvisations.
typography and graphic design Roman Polák
published by Protis in Prague, 2007
120 pages

The Alchemy of Life    SAMPLES

available from Amazon

1) Život sám – Jakub Zahradník
2) Little Girl Blue – Lorenz Hart / Richard Rogers
3) Pán na holení – Jakub Zahradník
4) La chanson des vieux amants – Jacques Brel / Gérard Jouannest
5) Hřeby a růže – Jakub Zahradník
6) Sad v bílém světle – Jakub Zahradník
7) Alchymie života – Jakub Zahradník
8) Oči kolouščí – Jakub Zahradník
9) Druhý břeh / Cry Me a River, Arthur Hamilton / Josef Kainar
10) Kde domov můj – František Škroup / Josef Kajetán Tyl

vocals – Pavla Kapitánová
piano – Jakub Zahradník
flute – Dieter Weberpals (4-9)
saxophone, wind synth – Jan Soukup-Karez 9,10
double-bass – Ondřej Štajnochr (4, 7-10)
drums – Miloš Dvořáček (4, 7-9)
percussions – Tomáš Reindl (7)

1-3 Recorded at Malostranská beseda, Prague, on 20/6/2001, engineered by Jan Soukup
4-10 Live recordings from a concert at Malostranská beseda 23/3/2004, engineered by Petr Košař, mastered by Jan Soukup
additional mastering Dieter Weberpals
produced by Jakub Zahradník & Dieter Weberpals
released by bibi tonträger + verlag, Nürnberg, Germany, 2004

the 108-page book contains song lyrics and poems by Jakub Zahradník, translation into English by Lukáš Houdek
preface in English and German by Mojo Mendiola
photos by Katarína Frömel and Martin J. Polák
graphic design by Hana Hučíková
typography by Roman Polák, Protis

Ztepilé viržínko / A Graceful Cheroot    SAMPLES

distributed by

Bitter texts from the years 2001-3. The book contains Jakub’s lyrics written not just for Pavla Kapitánová, as well as some lyrics that have not yet been made into songs.
The book comes complete with a preface by the author, pictures by Ulrich Kaiser and photographs from concerts and recording studios
graphic design Ulrich Kaiser
photography by Martin J.Polák, Tomáš Bouček, Zdeněk Sokol, Viktorie Rybáková, Roman Růžička, Robert Tichý
Published by Protis, 2004
80 pages

A Life Alone / Život sám  
maxi-single CD, limited edition

1) Pán na holení – Jakub Zahradník
2) Little Girl Blue – Lorenz Hart / Richard Rogers
3) Život sám – Jakub Zahradník
4) La chanson des vieux amants – Jacques Brel / Gérard Jouannest
5) Hřeby a růže – Jakub Zahradník
6) Sad v bílém světle – Jakub Zahradník

vocals – Pavla Kapitánová
piano – Jakub Zahradník
recorded at Malostranská beseda, Prague, on 20/6/2001, engineered by Jan Soukup, mastered by Petr Košař
graphic design by Pavel Růt
produced by Jakub Zahradník

Přetržená nit / Broken Theme

Poetry almanac introducing one generation of poets, featuring 19 Czech poets of younger middle age, in the form of samples from their works, complete with biographies, bibliographies, brief thoughts about their relationship to their generation and photographs.
The poets featured in the book are Milan Korál, Jiří Staněk, Pavel Rajchman, Jaroslav Vanča, Petr Hrbáč, Roman Szpuk, Zbyněk Ludvík Gordon, Daniela Sedláčková, Sylva Fischerová, Luděk Marks, Martin David, Jakub Zahradník, Pavel Herot, Lubor Vyskoč, Pavel Abrt, Petr Maděra, René Volfík, Vojtěch Kučera, Bogdan Trojak
Preface by Jakub Zahradník, Roman Szpuk
initiator, editor Jakub Zahradník
graphic design – Pavel Růt
typography – Roman Polák
Published by Obratník, Prague 1996
344 pages

Zavři oči a sni / Close Your Eyes and Dream

Jakub Zahradník’s poetry debut with illustrations by Ivan Florián
Published by Obratník, Prague 1993
72 pages

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